LUX-Fashion – Spotlight On Balmain Crocodile Jacket $66,541

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Balmain Crocodile Leather Jacket

Balmain Crocodile Leather Jacket

What’s not to love about Balmain? What an amazing jacket, made of the finest crocodile skin leather, featuring a Mandarin style collar and stylishly layered shoulder epaulettes. With braided front edges and unfinished cuffs, this jacket gives off a sophisticated “urban warrior” vibe. One thing is for certain, you will not go unnoticed in the attention grabbing and luxurious Balmain masterpiece. If your pockets are deep enough, check it out at Luisaviaroma retailing for a steep $66,541.

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Salvatore Ferragamo Introduces Luxury Apple Ipad Cases

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Salvatore Ferragamo has announced the release of their beautiful leather and canvas iPad cases. The esteemed Italian brand joins luxury brands Louis Vuitton and Gucci by designing a fashionable accessory for the popular gadget. The sleek and sophisticated iPad case is made from the finest calfskin leather and will come in rich tones of black, moss green and mandarin.

For a more casual look, the subtle canvas version of the iPad case will be available in a neutral beige tone outlined with brown leather trim.

The high-quality Apple iPad case is adorned with the Salvatore Ferragamo logo in golden brass and proves to be quite stylish and functional. The luxury accessory will be available exclusively at Salvatore Ferragamo boutiques ranging from $290 – $390.

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Valentino Spring 2011 Campaign Preview

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Valentino delivers simple feminine elegance with a mega-dose of high-wattage style in the black and white campaign preview for the brand’s spring 2011 line-starring Julia Saner, photographed by David Sims.

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LeBron James’ New $9 Million 8-Bed 8-Bath Miami Mansion

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Miami Heat basketball star Lebron James purchased a super-lavish 8-bedroom, 8-bath $9 million mansion on Miami’s South Beach. The enormous palatial home is surrounded by beautiful picturesque palm trees and boasts a spectacular infinity swimming pool which spans across a private pier leading out to the deep blue ocean. Take a closer look at Lebron’s remarkable new home after the jump!

Lebron James' infinity swimming pool at new $9million palatial home on Miami's South Beach

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The gorgeous sprawling home showcases panoramic water views from every room, including the master bathroom which is decked out with a designer oval-shaped bath tub and a quite roomy walk in shower.

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The master bathroom features an oval shaped designer bath tub and scenic sweeping views

Sprawling living area featuring a huge veranda perfect for entertaining guests

The multi-million dollar South Beach home features a movie screening room, a wine cellar and a chef’s kitchen equipped with two marble work stations and stunning floor to ceiling windows which lead to a spacious outdoor patio.

Private movie screening room

Wine cellar

Spacious chef's kitchen

The outdoor decks on both floors of the magnificent home are outfitted with wrap-around verandas and to top it off, Lebron’s new luxurious pad has its very own private dock with more than enough space to conveniently park a super-yacht.

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Fashion News: Celebs Crazy for Cargos

celebrities in cargo pants Celebrities wearing the J Brand Houlihan cargo pant – Ciara, Hilary Duff, Rihanna, and Khloe Kardashian Odom. Photo Credits: 1, 2, 3, 4.A company known for its great-fitting jeans has created the latest fad in cargo pants. Thanks in part to the military style trend, fashionistas from Hollywood to NYC have been sporting the ultra-popular J Brand Houlihan pant which combines the rugged look of cargos with the fit of a skinny jean.According to The New York Times, J Brand has sold over 75,000 pairs of the pants since January and has another 40,000 pairs on backorder. Priced at $230 a pop, these pants are the perfect accessory for the rich and famous; everyone from Rihanna to Jessica Alba has been spotted in a pair.

j brand houlihan Photo: J Brand

Get the J Brand Look for Less

If you’d like to get the J Brand look for yourself without breaking the bank, here are some less expensive cargos with the same style and fit as the Houlihan:cute cargo pantsProduct Information: Hot Topic, Couture Candy, Lucky Brand, Dillards, Balmain (Oops. Well, a girl can dream!)

What do you think?

Are you eager to get your hands on your own pair of Houlihans? Do you think cargos should stay slouchy, or that it was about time they got a skinny upgrade? Do you think this trend will last? Let us know with a comment! Denis Simachev Beach Wear

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Would You Wear… a Turtleneck?

turtleneck on the anna sui runwayemma roberts at the row wearing a turtleneckturtleneck on the christian lacroix runway From left: On the runway at Anna Sui, Emma Roberts in The Row, On the runway at Christian LacroixI remember turtlenecks in the nineties – plain, dumpy, perhaps neon velvet – certainly nothing I would care to think about now. Like many trends passed and dismissed, however, the turtleneck has become revamped, both in the ways we wear it and in the way it looks.Embellishments such as puffed sleeves, ruffles, or the fitting of the bodice make the turtleneck significantly more stylish, intriguing and wearable than it was a few years ago. Changes in the way a turtleneck is adapted into an item of clothing are also apparent. A turtleneck mini dress like Emma Roberts’ is a sophisticated way to show off skin, and a sleeveless turtleneck like the one Kristin Cavallari wore to one of Bebe’s collection previews is sexy and simple.The key to pulling off a turtleneck is the way you wear it. Shorter, sleeker, or flirtier skirts make the look chic and pretty instead of plain or dumpy. Breaking the look up is also important, especially for us girls with larger chests.

While this may just involve a print or two thrown into the look for some, turtlenecks are utterly unwearable for others unless worn creatively, such as under a dress or a vest. This breaks up the top visually and prevents one from looking larger than necessary or lumpy.Check out a couple of looks inspired by the runway below.

Outfit #1: Broken Up

turtleneck outfitProduct Information: Turtleneck: Balenciaga, Floral Dress: Miso, Brown Tights: Relish, Strappy Sandals: Michael Antonio, Gold Bracelet: Kate Spade, Flower Earrings: Old Navy

Outfit #2: Surprisingly Chic

chic turtleneck outfitProduct Information: Keyhole Turtleneck: Gloria Vanderbilt, Suede Booties: Charlotte Russe, Earrings: Amrita Singh, Floral Miniskirt: Miss Selfridge


Would you wear a turtleneck? Do you find the look sleek or does it just send you on horrible flashbacks of your childhood? Let me know in the comments! Plein Women’s Long Sleeve Tops

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Fashionable and Stylish

Fashionable and Stylish

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fashion and style. What are they? Do not always go together? What does one and the same thing? ATI?? It’s hard to say. According to industry experts, fashion is actually a synonym for style and glamor. It was agreed that fashion is a form of personal expression, and on what criteria can be fashionable when he / she is in this mode of expression, or outmoded, it would be otherwise. The fashion events in all fields of human activity at that time can talk about fashion when they relate to topics such as architecture, clothing, music, cosmetics, leisure, forms of speech or even politics or technology. All these areas can be described as being fashionable or not. When we talk about materialism or trend of using a term?? Fashion ????, may be associated with a negative.

Most people today perceive fashion as an expression referring mostly to clothes. The beginnings of what we call fashion today actually refer to clothes and go down to the sixteenth century. However, only two centuries later the true facts of fashion has taken place and arrived in Europe between the wealthy upper classes. Fashion, like every other manifestation of human activity, has undergone significant changes and continues to the point where it is today, be related to many fields of activity.

Sure, it would be unreasonable to think that fashion is the same everywhere. First, the mode is different from company to company. Then, in a given society, there are many factors that can influence the way such as age or generation, social class, occupation or profession. Even the geography of certain regions may lead to differences in fashion among the people of the same company.

But as fashions change? Because we all know that constant change is what fashion is made. All this is new today will be old soon, and the process goes in both directions, that I once was But fashion is now considered old and obsolete soon transformed into something new. Capitalism has brought, with its many positive aspects some less appealing, such as waste. People buy things that are not necessary for them and thus accelerate the process of change that fashion is concerned. younger generations have much to do with this change in fashion as well, because They are always ready and willing to try interesting things, things havena? t tried before, something new to be more precise.

What is so so popular among the people was actually on television. Fashion hit television time in late 1960 and early 1970 was the moment when the public were interested in this aspect. And fashion magazines, websites or even fashion blogs are just a few steps.

In much the same way as fashion, style can refer to things can, painting, music, literature, web design to linguistics or ways of dealing with people. The same style definition describes the term as a way of doing things fashion, emphasizing that the style and fashion are closely related. Everything that is considered fashionable style will be considered, which is why people should avoid becoming a victim of fashion, one of those who wear almost everything thata?? S considered as fashion, regardless of whether it fits or not, hairstyles, piercings and clothes. It ‘s true that the world Todai? And the society we live in has set some rules in this manner and style are concerned, but these gifts? T always be strictly followed. Being a victim of fashion turns into one another. If you want to be ahead at all times, you need to do is to define your own style and make you look your best.

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